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FAQ: How can I get the most out of attending a coding bootcamp?

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·Jan 14, 2022·

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Share my view of how to get the most out of attending a coding bootcamp.

1. Can I learn to code by just listening carefully in class?

No, it's not enough! Most students cannot understand everything the teacher teaches in class. You have to listen carefully and follow the teacher, but you need more practice to make the knowledge your own.

2. How should I study in a coding bootcamp?

Pre-read the material before class, summarize what you don't understand, listen carefully in class, and look for answers.

Ask questions you don't understand.

Practice more after class. If the exercises provided in the course are not enough, you can ask your teacher and TA to recommend more exercises or tutorials.

3. How many hours a day should I spend studying and practicing coding?

As much as you can.

4. What will I get at the end of this course?

You will get basic javascript full-stack web development knowledge, a project to showcase your skills, and most importantly, you will have the skills to continue learning and self-learning.

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