Fix the Bluetooth couldn't turn on problem on Ubuntu 22.04LTS


1 min read

I used a newly installed Ubuntu 22.04LTS OS, and I couldn't turn on the Bluetooth.

I tried the following commands and was able to turn on the Bluetooth:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo systemctl start bluetooth
rfkill unblock bluetooth

ps: reboot after execute commands

After that, I was able to turn on Bluetooth on Ubuntu, but I had an error when I connect a pair of Jabra earphones.

Then tried the following way:

  1. Remove the Jabra device from Ubuntu.
  2. Turn off other Bluetooth connections of the Jabra earphones.
  3. Press both the left and the right buttons of the earphones to switch to connection mode.
  4. Connect from Ubuntu again.

Finally, connect my Bluetooth earphones to Ubuntu!